by Executive Director Lyndi Zembrodt

We want to thank each of you who supported Care Net’s mission in 2023. It was our greatest single year to meet client needs, as we provided 3,227 client services to more than 750 fathers and mothers.

Class for Spanish-speaking clients2023 was also our greatest year to onboard new mentors to guide those moms and dads through our 37 life affirming educational programs. Your continuous support has created opportunities for people to choose life, those whose first thought was to abort their pregnancy. Caring donors together with Care Net staff provided 302 ultrasounds last year. Of the women who had viable ultrasounds, 92% chose to carry their pregnancies! We know that 1,738 babies have been given life as a direct result of having an ultrasound at Care Net, each one funded by your generosity.

Our mission for 2024 is to save and change even more lives!

  • Our client demand for programs is at an all-time high, so we are adding a new position, programs coordinator, to oversee the educational programs and equip the growing number of mentors.
  • To serve the number of walk-in clients in need of baby care items we are adding new volunteer positions, client care specialists, at each location.
  • To save more lives we will offer nine additional ultrasound appointments weekly.
    We are training two additional nurse advocates to sustain our medical program.
  • Equally important, we are increasing our online advertising to reach those most vulnerable to abortion.

Yes, all this growth is not without cost and even requires more space. We are currently seeking free office space for our development department (800 to 1,000 square feet) as well as free climate controlled space (1,000 square feet) for our client materials and supplies.

We are confident God goes before us preparing the way to save and change more lives in 2024. We pray you will follow our inspiring client stories by newsletter, email and social media. Your generosity to Care Net is an active testament that we, the pro-life community, care for, support and walk beside women facing unplanned pregnancy while uplifting the sanctity of human life.

Please contact me at or (859) 653-8904 to arrange a tour or discuss giving opportunities, or visit

Photo: advocate-mentor Adriana teaches a class for Spanish-speaking clients.