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Abortion Recovery: Project Hope

Is there an abortion in your past?

  • You were certain it was the only answer.
  • You thought, “Abortion is legal so it must be right.”
  • The problem seemed unsolvable.
  • Pressure seemed to come from everywhere, or nowhere.
  • You didn’t know where to turn. It seemed the sensible thing to do.

As a result

  • You may feel a sense of loss.
  • You may have feelings of despair.
  • You may suffer from emotional, physical or spiritual problems.
  • You may experience alienation and guilt.
  • You may feel distant from your church or your spiritual life.

We want to help you heal the pain and alienation that a past abortion can bring. We want to help you make a second choice: to accept God’s love and forgive yourself.

At Care Net, you can talk with people in confidence about your experience.

  • You will not be condemned for your decision.
  • You will not be judged.

Our trained volunteers will help you deal with the trauma of your experience, start you on the path to healing and help you accept God’s forgiveness and your baby’s forgiveness and learn to forgive yourself.

For many women, it takes weeks, months or even years to come to terms with these feelings. By acknowledging the connection between your abortion and your current emotions, you have taken the first step in healing.

The same is true for men. Men, if you’ve lost a child to abortion, with or without your consent, healing is possible.

Take the next step. Call our confidential hotline: 859.760.6717

Do you experience any of these responses?

  • Do you struggle to turn off feelings connected to your abortion? Are you trying to make yourself “forget” about it?
  • Are you affected by physical reminders of your abortion such as babies, pregnant women or baby clothes?
  • At certain times of the year do you find yourself depressed, sick or accident prone? Does this occur around the anniversary of the abortion or the month of the would-be birth?
  • Are you in a situation where you could find yourself faced with another unplanned pregnancy?
  • Have you experienced a substantial increase in drug or alcohol use? Are you involved in self-destructive behaviors, such as eating disorders, abusive relationships or increased sexual activity?
  • Have you experienced prolonged depression? Have you had any suicidal thoughts since your abortion?
  • Have you experienced any unusual reactions related to the abortion experience such as nightmares, flashbacks or hallucinations ?
  • Are you able to talk about abortion? When you discuss abortion, are you overcome by strong feelings?
  • Has your attitude towards relationships changed? Do you have difficulty with intimacy or find yourself either avoiding relationships or becoming more dependent on them?
  • If you have children now, do you smother them with love or overprotect them? Are you unable to bond with the child or children you now have?
  • If you don’t have children, do you fear that you may never have them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, know you are not alone. Call 859.760.6717 today and ask how you can receive hope, healing and forgiveness.

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