Like many of our supporters, Care Net Board of Directors President Matthew Darpel first learned about our ministry through a Baby Bottle Campaign. A cousin was already on our board, and one day Matthew approached him. “I wanted to ask you about Care Net,” he said, and, as he describes it, “one thing led to another.” Matthew has served on the board about five years.

Matthew said being pro-life has always been part of his life. “I was raised in a Catholic family,” he said. “It’s part of being Catholic. We heard the pro-life message throughout the year.

“I was drawn to Care Net because, for me, being pro-life is more than being pro-birth. For most people, ‘pro-life’ is just an abortion issue. Care Net doesn’t leave the women on their own afterward. Their hands-on approach through parenting classes and mentoring gives tangible results. There are children alive in the world today because of Care Net. No one—not even someone who’s pro-choice—should have a problem with Care Net’s mission.”

The Board’s Vision for Care Net
Matthew leads the board toward a vision for Care Net that makes more inroads into the community and involves men and women as resources. “It’s one thing to legislate,” he said, “but you’re not really addressing the problem if abortion is only made illegal.”

While Matthew has served on other boards, he currently concentrates on Care Net. “There are other causes out there, but it all starts with life,” he said.

A Northern Kentucky native, Matthew graduated from Covington Latin High School, Northern Kentucky University and NKU’s Chase Law School. He is the principal of both Darpel Elder Law and Darpel and Harrigan Wealth Advisors in Crestview Hills. He and his wife, Mary, have three adult daughters.