This is the text of an email Cold Spring Center Director Megan Weaver wrote to the Care Net staff after our annual banquet September 23. This is why you support this ministry.

Everything about the banquet was a great reminder of why we labor. But one thing made everything pale in comparison. A young girl made eye contact with me and exclaimed, ‘Megan!’ I was face to face with one of the first clients I met early in my training. (Florence Center Director) Sandy Williams was her Advocate, but I was there during their meeting, and she stayed on my heart long afterward. She felt very alone. She feared telling her dad she was pregnant. She was so quiet and I could tell she felt utterly in over her head. Later I learned she had chosen life and taken classes. I was thrilled for her!

Now here she was, and she remembered me! She was so excited and gave me a big hug. Her sweet baby boy was with her. Even better, she was with friends from her church.

I felt so proud of her. Months before, she had seemed so lost and overwhelmed. Now she has taken classes to be a better parent, is doing a phenomenal job, and has a loving, supportive church family. She is not alone. And she is so grateful to Care Net. You should have seen the pride in her eyes when she looked at her son. This meeting was not planned—at least, not by me. God orchestrated it.

My heart overflowed with joy. Everything about the journey God has taken this young lady through points to the gravity of what we all fight for. It takes so many people to make Care Net successful. But saved lives and changed lives are what we strive for. Some days it seems the sun will never come out again. But that’s not true. We walk by faith and not by sight. God sees the end from the beginning and sustains us every step of the way. And sometimes we get to see the rainbows that remind us of his steady hand, faithful to deliver on every single promise he has made. He will never leave us nor forsake us in this fight!