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Comprehensive Parenting

You don’t have to see eye to eye with your kids to walk hand in hand.

The Parenting Program offers a wide-ranging, practical approach to raising confident, well-adjusted children. The program is designed for parents of toddlers or young children. Parents can choose from a variety of lessons such as:

Parenting without Shame
Lessons on guiding your child firmly but gently, without instilling shame for childish actions and responses.

Have a New Kid by Friday
Action plans for redirecting yourself, your responses and expectations, your children and your home environment for constructive, proactive parenting.

Creating Self-Direction
Lessons focused on instilling motivation, honesty, confidence, kindness and courage in your children.

Value-Packed Parenting
Drawn from a spiritual foundation, lessons focus on such values as self-confidence, relationship-building communication, the impact of birth order, the difference between discipline and punishment, controlling temper and controlling the influence of technology.

Targeted Lessons
Lessons that address parenting children with specific needs, including those with ADHD and autism as well as the strong-willed child and children dealing with anger. Other lessons address parenting during military deployment and adjusting when deployment ends.

Earn a dozen diapers (if needed) for each lesson completed and a $30 gas card on completion of any 10 lessons.


To enroll in this class and learn about other classes, call (859) 781-9878.

You will never be alone.

Care Net is privileged to offer free, confidential services to you during and after your pregnancy. We also offer gently used maternity and baby clothes to size 2T and other baby care items as well as classes to help you build healthy relationships and manage challenges of everyday living. We also can direct you to other community resources.

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