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Physical and Emotional Safety: Emotional Well-Being

Are you in a relationship where you can make decisions for yourself?

Even in a committed relationship, whether it’s with a significant other, a friend, or family member, you should remain in control of your life. If someone is attempting to control who you talk to, how you act. or where you go. it can be a warning sign of emotional abuse or manipulation.

Do you have control over your own money?

In a relationship, it’s important that you’re allowed to earn and access your own money. A joint bank account or single-income household is OK as long as both parties can access to the account.

Does someone you love ever make you feel like you’re overreacting when discussing something that’s upsetting to you?

Your feelings should always be heard and acknowledged. Treating all negative emotions like they’re irrational or an overreaction is part of a manipulation tactic called gaslighting. Abusers gaslight to make you question reality and cover up signs that something might be wrong or dangerous.

Are you in a relationship with someone who wants to know your whereabouts constantly or isolates you from important people in your life?

Abusers use this control tactic to ensure you’re not with people who may see signs of abuse or who might persuade you to leave an unhealthy relationship. It’s easier for them to convince you there is nothing wrong with their behavior if they keep you away from those you trust.

Do you have a safety plan for when you request a ride share?

A personal safety plan is important when riding by yourself. One option is sending a trusted person a screenshot of the driver’s information and your estimated time of arrival. You can also download an app, like eBodyGuard, that you can voice-activate in case of emergency, and it will call 9-1-1.

Do you carry some form of personal protection with you?

Many people first think of weapons, but that’s only one option. There are apps that canalert law enforcement in dangerous situations. Some allow you to hit a button to call 9-1-1. while others contact law enforcement automatically if you don’t enter a code.

What precautions do you take when you’re walking alone, going somewhere at night, or getting in and out of your vehicle alone?

It can be helpful to memorize your surroundings, park under a light, avoid empty streets or parks at night, check around your car as you approach it, or listen to music with only one earbud so you can hear someone coming.

Do you lock your door when you’re home alone or stepping out of the house?

One additional barrier can be enough to deter home invasions. It also gives you a little extra peace of mind

Are you comfortable reaching out to law enforcement if you feel unsafe?

Law enforcement exists to ensure your safety. You are never wasting their time, annoying them, or being an inconvenience by reaching out if you feel unsafe. They would rather you call as an extra precaution than you not call at all.

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