Spiritual Conversations Made Simple

When we meet with clients in the advocate or programs rooms, we are on a search and rescue mission; we battle the enemy, not the client. No matter our clients’ spiritual condition, whether they are believers or not, it is important we remember the information below when we start to engage our clients in a spiritual conversation. We can start the conversation by asking questions and listening.

By asking questions, you will learn from the client clues as to their spiritual health. Listening is more than hearing; it is engaging through use of body language and facial expressions. When our clients open the opportunity for us to share the Gospel of Jesus with them, we should be careful to not speak “Christian-ese” or use Christian terms that might be unfamiliar or could trigger past hurts in our clients’ lives.

For example: instead of asking, “Are you saved” or “Are you born again,” try asking, “Do you have a relationship with Jesus?” Listen more than you talk. Find common ground and natural places to steer the conversation gently, such as shared experiences. Always ask permission of the client if you can share what you believe; this is practicing permission-based care.

Be mindful that spiritual conversations are not always Gospel conversations. Gospel conversations cannot be forced or coerced, but spiritual conversations are important steps. Create a safe place to have a spiritual conversation that comes from building a relationship with your client and getting to know them and their story. Some spiritual conversations may be uncomfortable the first time. Some may go well, and some may not go well, but it is better to have the conversation than not. Failure is an opportunity to begin again. If you feel the conversation doesn’t go well, circle back with your client the next class. Be confident in having a spiritual conversation. This comes with practice. And remember this is the most important message you will ever share with your client. Isaiah 55: 10-11 reminds us that God’s word never comes back void.

Additionally, Bright Training is available and required for all staff and volunteers serving clients to help equip our team to navigate this topic better and serve our clients with excellence. Unlocking the Gospel is a five-part video series that gives crucial information on how to help lead a client to Christ. If you have not had an opportunity to view Unlocking the Gospel, we ask that you do so by July 1, 2024. Additionally, if you need support accessing Bright Training, please email Patty Perry.

As we look forward to continuing to serve our community and clients with excellence through education, support, and empowerment, we hope you will feel encouraged to begin having spiritual conversations and sharing the Gospel with our clients.

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