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Take Control of Your Fertility

Your fertility belongs to you.  It’s unique to you.  It plays a key role in your well-being and your future.

Truth is power. And you have the right to know the truth about your body—how it works, how to protect it and how decisions you make now will affect your body for the rest of your life.

To have that sort of power, you need honest information.

The Focus on Fertility program guides you through four video sessions. Each lesson runs about an hour. They’re easy to follow and the tone is straightforward and friendly, not preachy. You’ll also complete worksheets to help you make the knowledge your own.

The Gift of Fertility: The Story of the Menstrual Cycle

Periods. We all know about those, right? But they’re only part of your monthly cycle. Inside your body, amazing changes happen every month in a pattern unique to you. These changes reflect your miraculous ability to give life to another human being.

Learn how hormones affect your body, your moods and even your sexual desire, so you can make empowered choices based on what you know instead of just how you feel.

Learn how you can become pregnant on, say, Friday when the last time you had sex was Tuesday.



Guarding the Gift: Protecting Your Sexual Health

You’re in charge of your own body, and the daily decisions you make are up to you.

That’s why informed consent is critical. That means you have all the information you need before you have to make choices. That information includes:

  • The science of intimacy. How sexual intimacy opens pathways in your brain that bond you to your partner, and how those pathways can be either strengthened or short-circuited.
  • The consequences of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The effects of hormonal birth control on fertility and its impact on short- and  long-term health and wellness.


Embracing the Gift: Charting the Signs of Your Menstrual Cycle

As you learn how your fertility works, you’ll start to see patterns unique to you. Learn a practical, easy-to-use method for tracking your monthly cycle.


To sign up for  Take Control of Your Fertility, email Meg or call (859) 781-9878.


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