by Executive Director Lyndi Zembrodt

I am grateful for you, your prayers and financial support to the ministry of Care Net. Together we intercede on behalf of the pre-born. With your continued support we will take the next bold, preemptive step to save, change and heal lives.

The abortion culture is shifting from surgical abortions to medical abortions—the abortion pill. Medical abortion now accounts for over 50% of abortions and is prescribed up to 10 weeks gestation. As the abortion pill becomes more readily available and gains popularity, women are feeling the pressure to abort very early, some as soon as a positive pregnancy test. Knowing they will anxiously search online for the abortion pill, Care Net engages these women by purchasing highly visible, competitive, online ads. These ads allow us to be women’s first contact, and our staff answers a 24-hour helpline to respond to their calls. Care Net then provides free consultation including options education and an ultrasound to determine viability and confirm the pregnancy as early as six weeks gestation. Over 90% of women who have a consultation and ultrasound at Care Net choose life for their unborn child.

This year we expanded our medical staff and added another medical center to offer more than 100 ultrasound appointments every month. We rejoice that 1,351 women have
chosen life for their pre-born babies after having an ultrasound at Care Net. Ultrasound is undeniably our greatest tool to save the unborn. We thank our medical director of ultrasound, Dr. Deward Voss, for his gifted professional service that allows us to show God’s truth through science and technology.

To be preemptive in saving, changing and healing lives, our next bold step is to offer relevant sexual health services and programs. We are happy to announce that Dr. Olivia Kuper has accepted the role and title of Sexual Health Director. Dr. Kuper, a family medicine hospitalist, formerly was a Care Net mentor. Additionally, we are grateful to partner with St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s Community Benefits Program to offer sexual health services of screening, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. By offering this service, we create opportunities to discuss appreciating fertility, understanding healthy relationships, avoiding sexual risk and healing with the men and women we serve. Sexual health services not only will help reduce unintended pregnancies but also, just as important, will allow us to build relationships so we become a woman’s first choice for help should she experience an unintended pregnancy.

We’ve already seen encouraging results from this new program; see story, “You are worth waiting for.”

1 John 3:18 says, “Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” This program does just that.