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Understanding & Preparing for Adoption

The Understanding Adoption program will guide you through these and other important steps:

  • Explore and understand your choices and recognize myths that may affect your view of adoption.
  • Sort through reasons for placing your baby for adoption.
  • Recognize how hormones and stresses can affect your perspective.
  • Discover a realistic understanding of what adoption looks like and what you need to feel confident in your decision.
  • Realize fully that adoption is a selfless choice while also acknowledging loss.
  • Review what you’ve learned about yourself and your circumstances as you consider adoption.
  • Consider various adoption plans and identify which makes you comfortable.
  • Prepare for screening and meeting with potential adoptive families.
  • Organize a plan for the hospital, including the person(s) you want to have with you.
  • Acknowledge the importance of expressing love for your baby and understand the emotions you and the adoptive family experience.
  • Recognize healing comes with acknowledging the reality of adoption and moving forward does not mean forgetting your child or your love for him/her.

You will never be alone.

Care Net is privileged to offer free, confidential services to you during and after your pregnancy. We also offer classes to help you build healthy relationships and manage the challenges of everyday living, and we can direct you to community resources that can help as you move forward after the birth and adoption of your child.

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