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What is a Champion for Life?

A Champion for Life fights for the right to life, defends the sanctity of life and empowers individuals experiencing an unplanned pregnancy to choose life.

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Timing is critical. A woman finds out she’s pregnant less than five minutes after taking a pregnancy test. She needs to talk to someone right now. But who can she trust? Care Net is determined to be the first place she turns to at this critical time. Convincing a woman to return to the center for an ultrasound is difficult if she’s already vulnerable to abortion. Because we know most women who see their baby via ultrasound will choose life, we offer same day ultrasound confirmation.

It is at this critical moment that Champions for Life makes the difference.

Sustain Same Day Ultrasound Services

Our goal is to provide same day ultrasound services at all three Care Net locations every day they are open. This service is critical; in 2023 through September, more than 94% of women chose life through adoption or parenting after receiving ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy at Care Net.

Increase Medical & Support Staff

Because Care Net is a medical facility, we are required to have registered nurses or nurse practitioners conduct clients’ medical histories. Most RNs and NPs aren’t trained or certified to perform ultrasounds. Certification is a 6- to 12-month process. We must be able to train and certify our staff.

Retain Critical Medical Staff

To retain qualified medical staff, we must be able to offer competitive wages. The current average starting rate for registered nurses is $35 per hour, with full benefits, shift differential and wage increase after one year. Our starting rate is $22 per hour with no benefits except paid time off or shift differential and a minimal increase after one year.

Become a Champion

Champions for Life invest in providing up-to-date equipment and retaining qualified staff. Champions therefore are asked to commit to donating at least $1,000 per year for at least three years. This commitment allows us to invest in equipment and staff with confidence to meet women at their most critical point of need. Download the commitment form.

Ready to be a Champion for Life? Download the commitment form, email Executive Director Lyndi Zembrodt, or call (859) 431-9178, ext. 2649. We look forward to hearing from you!

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