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Planned giving enables individuals to make larger gifts than they might make from ordinary income. Planning such gifts through estate and tax planning maximizes the benefit to the donor and his/her heirs as well as to Care Net. Such gifts may reference annuities, trusts, life insurance, real estate and other property, securities and other instruments. See below to learn about bequests.

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Please note: Care Net does not advise on financial or tax matters. Please contact your financial or tax adviser to discuss your options.

Specific Bequest
Involves making a gift of a specific asset such as real estate, an automobile, other property or a gift for a specific dollar amount. For example, you may wish to leave your home or $10,000 to Care Net.

Percentage Bequest
Involves leaving a specific percentage of your overall estate to charity. For example, you may wish to leave 10% of your estate to Care Net.

Residual Bequest
A residual bequest is made from the balance of an estate after the will or trust has given away each of the specific bequests. A common residual bequest involves leaving a percentage of the residue of the estate to charity. For example, you may wish to leave 30% of the residue of your estate to Care Net.

Contingent Bequest
A contingent bequest is made to charity only if the purpose of the primary bequest cannot be met. For example, you could leave property such as a vacation home to a relative but the bequest language could state that if the relative has preceded the donor in death, the vacation home would go to Care Net.

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