Holiday Appeal

2023 Holiday Appeal. Do not be afraid.


Many women who come to Care Net are afraid.

Afraid they can’t afford a baby.

Afraid of pressure to abort from a husband, boyfriend or parents.

Afraid of what people will say.

Afraid they’ll lose a job, a scholarship, a chance to finish school.

Afraid they’ll be alone.

Care Net gives these women hope. We listen to understand what scares them and help them find solutions that build courage. By ultrasound, our nurses show them the unmistakable life they carry. We connect them with other community resources. We help them find a supportive church. Volunteers mentor them through classes on healthy pregnancy, newborn care, parenting, life skills, relationships, and more.

They learn they will not be alone. And fear fades away, replaced by hope and excitement.

The more women who come to us, the more babies we can save and the more lives we can change.

Our goal for 2024 is to increase by 20% the number of women who come to our three clinics. To do so, we must increase our nursing and support staff and our outreach. We estimate we’ll need $55,000 before the end of this year to meet our goal. Can you help us save and change even more lives?

An anonymous donor has offered to match gifts received by December 15, to a total of $15,000. Your generosity can have twice the impact!

Thank you for helping us save the innocents.

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