Our Clients Say

“I found a sense of comfort and peace in Care Net during a really hard part of my life. Care Net became a safe place for me and I would always be excited about my classes each week. What I didn’t realize was that I was going to find God in the process and some of the most influential women in my life. . . . Care Net saved my life in so many ways and I have so much love and adoration for what they do and what they did for me and my family.”

We asked our clients, “What did you like best about Care Net Pregnancy Services of Northern Kentucky?”

“I felt as if I was family and not just a patient.”

“I was nervous for the appointment and the presence of God was here and all the women made me feel special and safe.”

“I like how informed I was. Any questions I had were answered with respect and care.”

“As soon as I walked in, I felt safe and no one judged. I felt comfortable speaking about my past and felt heard.”

“I felt the information was very thorough! If I had a question, it was answered.”

“I loved how friendly and welcoming they are. They offered me help and emotional support. They gave me items for my daughter without me even asking. Just all together beautiful, godly women. Honestly, they did the best and most I could ask for.”They took care of me and made me feel safe.”

“They were extremely gentle and caring. Everyone just wanted to make sure I was comfortable.”

“(They were) honest about the questions I had.”

“Very compassionate and helpful with many resources.”


“Supportive and helpful. Very concerned for me and my baby.”

“They made me feel comfortable and listened to me and my concerns.”

“How informative and personal they are. (My advocate) listened to all my needs and made me feel heard and supported.”

“The treatment and resources are both amazing. I could talk openly about my faith, too.”

“The staff were great and a lot of great info and services.”

“So supportive and understanding. Went above and beyond to help me make the right choice when I needed it the most. They saved my child and my life!”

“How kind and friendly everyone was. I felt not judged and able to share anything with them. They accepted me and my husband with open arms and just made me feel cared for.”

“Very respectful of my circumstances and supportive.”

“I loved that I felt as if I’m an extra or additional family member. Also, they listened. I love this place.”

“How welcoming and honest they are.”

“They were really kind to me, a warm, respectful, patient-friendly welcome. I would recommend to my acquaintances to come here. (They) will be well guided and advised.”

“(They) made me feel very comfortable, explained every process as needed. Definitely would recommend to any one. Very kind. Lets you know if you need help to reach out.”

“I was able to schedule for an appointment right away. I felt welcomed here. I really appreciate everything you have educated me in today and all the materials so that I can make the best choice.”

“When I came through the doors they were waiting for me and welcoming me made me feel a lot better from the start.”

“I felt welcomed and respected. I didn’t feel as if I was a burden. I came in scared and was helped to feel comfortable and not so alone.”

“Made me feel welcome with no judgement, did not rush and answered all my questions.”

“I loved the whole appointment, very respectful and kind.  Everything went well and you have the best services and workers.”

“Very informative and the advocate woman who spoke to me in the room was very nice and helpful and sensitive to my beliefs.  I enjoyed talking to her.”

“Very informative, the staff is trustworthy.”

“Very welcoming and honest about all of my options.”

“My interactions with my mentor were so helpful. She was so knowledgeable and always ready to help!”

“I’m so thankful Care Net came into my life when it did. Jesus made the way for me and opened that door so I could step out and share what all He has done in my life.”

“I’ve learned and gotten to read about a lot of new and really interesting things [in my Care Net classes].”

“The pandemic made things a little crazy, but it has worked! Without meeting online, I would have not been able to finish the program. I’m glad to have this option.”

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