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Lisa and Matt’s Very Happy New Year

Lisa* and her boyfriend, Matt, came to Care Net Pregnancy Services of Northern Kentucky in mid-May 2023. Scared and angry, all Lisa wanted was an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. She had already had two abortions from a past relationship and was considering whether this pregnancy would end the same. At this first meeting, Center Director Rhonda Brown noted that Lisa seemed overwhelmed and withdrawn.

For his part, Matt was excited about the pregnancy, and he knew what Lisa had gone through with the previous abortions. He didn’t want her to go through that again but said he would support whatever she decided.

Immediately after the ultrasound, Lisa stormed back into the advocate room and angrily told Rhonda, “I’m ready to get the [expletive] out of here!”

Unfazed, Rhonda gently asked if she could explain some of Care Net’s programs. Surprisingly, Lisa agreed. “Then Matt and I have a lot to discuss when we leave!” she said.

After Rhonda showed the couple all the ways Care Net could help them and their baby, from parenting classes to supplies, Lisa and Matt allowed Rhonda to pray over them.

sleeping baby

Three weeks later during a follow-up call, Rhonda was relieved to hear that Lisa and Matt had decided to carry to term and parent their baby!

Rhonda assigned Evelyn to be Lisa’s mentor in the Earn While You Learn program. The couple completed classes such as “Simple Infant Care,” “Caring for Yourself after Birth,” “Shaken Baby Syndrome,” “Car Seat Safety,” “Training your Birth Coach,” “The Importance of Bonding” and other lessons to begin preparing for parenthood. Matt even attended breastfeeding courses with Lisa so he would know what to expect and how he could support her.

Lisa and Matt already had a car seat, normally the incentive for completing 10 of the 20 classes of Earn While You Learn, so Care Net enabled them to purchase other baby items on their wish list. They then received a crib for completing the remaining 10 classes. For each lesson they completed, they also received a dozen diapers, which thrilled Lisa. “They’re so expensive now,” she said.

Prepared and excited, Lisa and Matt awaited the arrival of their son. On New Year’s Day, Lisa gave birth to Nathaniel.

One telling event happened when Lisa was in the hospital after giving birth. A nurse asked her if she knew how to breastfeed. Lisa said, “Yes! I attended in-person classes with a lactation consultant for several weeks.” The nurse was surprised. She said even the hospital no longer offers in-person breastfeeding classes. “Where did you get that?” the nurse asked. Lisa was happy to tell her about Care Net.

Lisa said, “If someone is pregnant or suspects she is and is nervous about going to Care Net, she shouldn’t be. Rhonda was comforting and open. Matt and I took away a lot of information that first visit and talked it out together. On return visits, all the Care Net staff and volunteers we worked with were invested and we could tell they really cared about us.”

* Names of the clients and their baby are fictitious.

"God Changed My Mind"

Kate* was torn. She had always said she was pro-life. She was a believer in Jesus. But this situation seemed impossible.

Separated from her husband but not yet divorced, Kate had moved back to Northern Kentucky from Louisiana to be near family and friends who could help with her sons, ages 5, 7, and 9. She had worked hard in middle and high school, taking accelerated classes and earning a full undergraduate scholarship, and now she planned to start law school, her dream since childhood.

Then the plan unraveled. She began dating someone she met after moving home, one thing led to another, and she became pregnant. With three little boys already and some health issues besides, her chance to go back to school seemed to be slipping away.

Baby boy in toy carAs Kate googled “abortion near me,” she felt she had no other option. Thanks to Care Net’s strategic use of search engine terms, our client website turned up in her Google search and she called for an appointment.

On the phone, Care Net’s client intake specialist first made clear we do not perform or refer for abortions and then encouraged Kate to come in for a free ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy and discuss her options.

Determined to seek an abortion, Kate nevertheless kept the appointment. After seeing her tiny, six-week-old baby through the miracle of ultrasound and talking with Rhonda Brown, director of our Florence center, Kate knew it was “a God thing” that she choose Care Net from the Google results.

“God changed my mind,” Kate said. “I don’t think it was a mistake that I ended up at Care Net instead of Planned Parenthood. I remembered telling my boys that all our choices have consequences and we should stand up, accept them and live our lives based on what we believe. I know from experience that if I study hard for a test, I will do well; if I don’t study, I will fail. There are always consequences to all of our choices. I needed to do what I was telling my sons.”

Kate had been seeing many doctors and nurses to resolve some health issues, and that experience led her to update her childhood dream from law school to nursing school.

“While I was pregnant, I talked to my obstetrician about going for my nursing degree while raising four children. He was very encouraging and told me how to keep balance while attaining my goals. I will finish the classroom part of my nursing degree in December and start clinicals in January.”
The baby God saved through Care Net and Kate’s own determination will be one year old when she begins her clinical training.

“Evan is the joy of my and my other sons’ lives!” Kate said. “When the boys first heard I was going to have another baby, they said, ‘Noooo!’ but now he is the apple of everyone’s eye. He is the happiest baby ever. When I first saw him on ultrasound, as tiny as he was, he seemed to be dancing—jumping all around! At nine months he still loves to wiggle and dance.”

“I know I am not perfect and never will be,” she continued, “but all I can do is try to do the right thing and follow God’s way. I was treated by Care Net, friends and family with mercy and grace and that helped put me back on track. Evan’s dad is very involved in our lives and we have found a church together in a nearby town. I’m glad I didn’t make a bad decision based on a temporary struggle.”

*names of the client and her son have been changed

Julianne Finds Helpline is a Lifeline


Julianne and baby


Three trained Care Net staffers rotate to answer our helpline live, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Young women panicked by a pregnancy don’t need to hear, “Please call back during regular business hours.” They need a calm, compassionate, informed voice on the other end of that line—right now.

Julianne and WarrenJulianne, now 24 years old, first made contact with Care Net through the helpline a year ago. She was just looking for a free ultrasound so she could confirm how far along she was and then get the abortion pill. She and her boyfriend had been together more than six years and both were employed, but they were both living with their parents and weren’t yet ready to marry, let alone start a family.

“I was very scared,” Julianne said. “I grew up in church and still go, and I really didn’t want to tell my parents.”

That immediate reaction is familiar to those who answer the helpline. The staffer who answered the phone that day spoke with Julianne about the importance of confirming the pregnancy was viable and properly located in the uterus; an ectopic pregnancy is a serious medical condition. Julianne made an appointment for an ultrasound at our Williamstown location.

The helpline conversation gave her the gift of time to think about what she really believed about herself and God.

“God has a plan for everything,” Julianne said. “Something told me abortion wasn’t what I was supposed to do. I knew I needed to take responsibility.”

Drawing on that understanding, Julianne did tell her mom about the baby.

“It was rough at first,” Julianne said, “but Mom warmed up to it and said she would support my decision.”

For Julianne’s mom, the ultrasound at Care Net did more than just confirm a pregnancy. She had come along for the ultrasound appointment, and that gave Tiffany Gabbert, director of our Williamstown center, a chance to talk with her while Julianne was with the nurse for the ultrasound. They talked about raising kids and about what happens during an abortion.

“Julianne’s mom softened a bit after that, but what really made the difference for her was the ultrasound,” Tiffany said.

Although Julianne wasn’t as far along as she thought, the nurse was able to detect the heartbeat by doing a transvaginal ultrasound. After some hesitation, Julianne allowed her mom and her boyfriend, who also had accompanied her, to come to the exam room. Hearing the heartbeat of her grandchild reached the heart of Julianne’s mom, and she left the appointment carrying a new diaper bag, a gift from Care Net donors.

Julianne and her boyfriend signed up for Care Net’s parenting classes that same day and took many of the lessons together.

“The classes helped me a lot. They got me prepared,” Julianne said.

After labor that dragged into a second day, Julianne’s baby was born in January 2023, a healthy, 6 lb., 5.5 oz. boy she and her boyfriend named Warren.

Warren’s dad works 12 hours a day but makes time each day to visit, and Julianne regularly takes Warren to visit his paternal grandparents, who were on board with the pregnancy from the start. Because Warren is still nursing and refuses a bottle, Julianne was allowed extra maternity leave and will return to work in August.

“I knew abortion was wrong,” Julianne concluded. “My first thought, to have an abortion, was based on my needs. But the baby has to come first.”

To a young woman whose first response was fear, that understanding could come only with time to reflect on what human life is: a gift made in the image of God. As she progressed through her parenting classes—and asked for more—we came to know her, in the words of Center Director Tiffany, as “a complete joy.”

This is what your support of Care Net makes possible: the opportunity to invest in the lives of a young family with love, compassion, practical parenting lessons—and the joy of life.

An Overwhelming ‘Change of Life’

A woman’s menstrual cycle stops while she’s pregnant, of course. But her cycle also stops with menopause. So when Nicole’s cycles became inconsistent in 2021 and then stopped completely in January 2022, she assumed she was entering what used to be called the change of life. She was, after all, 47 years old.

Nicole definitely was facing a change of life. But she wasn’t menopausal. She was pregnant.

Ironically, Nicole’s doctor had advised her to stop taking birth control pills because of her age. He recommended an IUD, but her insurance wouldn’t cover it and she was reluctant to use one anyway. Not to worry, her doctor assured her. She was highly unlikely to become pregnant at her age, and even if she did, her body likely wouldn’t maintain it.

So as Nicole began to feel weak, as her feet swelled and she gained weight, her first thought was diabetes. In mid-April her primary care doctor ran blood and urine tests to check. “We’ll call you if we find anything,” she was told.

Ultrasound at 27 weeksNo call came, but her symptoms persisted. In July she made an appointment with a new doctor, who also ran tests to check for diabetes and other diagnoses. Soon an email popped up: “You have a new message on MyChart.” When she logged in to her account, there it was. She didn’t have diabetes. She was pregnant. To say she was stunned doesn’t begin to capture that moment. Alone at her impersonal computer, she learned the most personal news a woman can receive.

“No, no, no, no, no!” Nicole cried as she saw results she didn’t want and couldn’t manage. “This isn’t happening!”

Nicole had already raised a son; he was about to start college. She’d be almost 70 when it was time to send another child off to college. At her age, in her circumstances, Nicole knew she simply didn’t have the energy or means to raise another child.

“I was distraught. I was overwhelmed,” Nicole said. “All I could imagine was abortion. It seemed an easy fix.”

She called a hospital for an ultrasound, but the first open appointment was two days later. So she Googled abortions and found Care Net. “All I wanted was an ultrasound so I could plan an abortion, and Care Net could get me in that day,” she said. “It was right after Roe v. Wade [was overturned] so I didn’t even know what was legal. From the moment I walked through the door at Care Net, I was handled beautifully.”

She met with Megan, center director at Care Net’s Cold Spring location. “There was something about her demeanor,” Nicole said. “Her genuine heart, her genuine approach. She could have brushed me off but she didn’t. She prayed with me.”

The ultrasound at Care Net showed she was 27 weeks pregnant. “I’d already made some calls. I could get a third-trimester abortion in Boulder, Colorado, or Washington, DC. In DC, the cutoff was 31 weeks at the cost of $14,000.”

But at Care Net, Megan had talked with her and given her a booklet called “Before You Decide.” The information—all medically accurate—showed Nicole what happens during a third-trimester abortion: dismemberment of a living child.

“I’d always been middle-of-the-road about abortion,” Nicole said. “I could see both sides. But I was in denial about the stages of a baby’s development, and after learning what actually happens, I couldn’t do it.”

Nicole decided her best choice was adoption. The baby’s father, in his early 50s, supported the decision and came with her to Care Net. The two maintain their relationship.

As a social worker, Nicole was interested in the adoption process itself. She called a couple of agencies. “As soon as I called, they emailed me family profiles,” she said. “It was almost like an online dating service. I was uncomfortable with the speed of it. I didn’t want to make an emotional decision.”

At Megan’s suggestion, Nicole called Nightlight Christian Adoptions in Lexington and she was paired with a caseworker. “Usually a caseworker meets a mom for the first time at the birth,” Nicole said. “But my caseworker drove up to meet me. We met for dinner and talked often. She was with me during the birth. And we’re still in touch.”

Because of her age, Nicole had to have repeated ultrasounds, and she worked hard to control the emotions of bonding. The baby, a boy, was born October 12, 2022, and was adopted by a couple who live out of state.

“Care Net and Nightlight made an absolute disaster seem bearable, doable,” Nicole said. ‘You will get through this,’ they assured me. Even as faith-based organizations, they presented information in a non-biased way. To this day I can’t believe I went through this.

“But having been through it, I have very firm feelings about abortion now. As difficult as my decision was, my soul and psyche would have been far worse had I gone through with abortion. If I’d learned I was pregnant in the first or second trimester, I’d probably have had an abortion. But God had a different plan for me.”

Today Nicole continues to recover from the ups and downs of hormonal changes related to pregnancy and the emotions, sometimes like the grieving process, of placing a child for adoption. Looking back, she said, “To be where I was that day, alone in front of my computer, facing that news— Without Care Net, I would have been overwhelmed. Care Net and Nightlight allowed me to keep my dignity through it all.”

Photo: 27-week 3D ultrasound, ©

Care Net Offers Real Care, Even When It's Virtual

Allayah and her fiancé, William, had been together as a couple for almost 18 months.

Allayah and William“We were still young, doing whatever we wanted to do simply because we had no huge responsibilities. Then something hit us that I think a lot of people can relate to—we found out we were pregnant! When we first found out we immediately figured we had to go somewhere, if this was real, but we didn’t even know where to begin.

“We went to the nearest pregnancy center which happened to be Care Net. I can’t say that going through pregnancy and delivery was simple or easy, but I can say that Care Net helped me and my little family a ton! They gave me a free ultrasound at my first visit, which was absolutely amazing since I had no health insurance at the time. I still found it unbelievable that I was pregnant, and seeing that tiny life in me, for the first time, was life changing! My ultrasound nurse, Patty, spoke with me and my fiancé and explained to us the importance of nurturing life from the very moment it begins, even when so tiny. She discussed the important roles we would play as parents. She gave me great referrals and even offered me free parenting classes!

“During those classes with my mentor, we were provided with things we needed for our baby, such as diapers, baby clothes, and a car seat. [Care Net staff] answered any questions and gave me contact numbers I could call for health insurance, OB doctors, churches and so many other resources. They had my back throughout the whole ride and were there every step of the way.

Ayallah and Baby“When I talked to them about my emotions and how bad my anxiety was, my mentor immediately referred me to a birth doula, Cheryl, who helped some Care Net clients for free! When she told me what doulas do, I knew that was exactly what I needed.

“Due to Covid, I was unable to physically be with my doula, but even virtually she gave me all the information and help I needed to get through some of the hardest parts of my pregnancy. As I got closer to my due date my fiancé was still working third shift, so being home alone at night was very scary for me. I didn’t know what pains or sensations were normal, but I had my doula to contact no matter what day or time. For me, having her was like having that non-judgmental, trusted friend at any time of the day, even if you’re just having a freak-out moment. She is there to make sure your mind is always at ease.

Care Net is truly amazing in every way. They have the most generous supporters and great connections with needed resources. Considering I didn’t have much of a support system, they really made me feel less alone.

“We had a little boy! He is our tiny, biggest blessing! We love and adore him endlessly.”

Doula Cheryl WilliamsFrom Allayah’s doula, Cheryl:

“It was such an honor to be Allayah’s doula and meet her sweet family. This is why I do what I do and it is always an honor to serve Care Net’s clients!”

Photos: top: Allayah, William and their baby boy; bottom: doula Cheryl Williams

Ultrasound Can Save Babies . . . and Women

Recently this summer, a Care Net nurse’s concern and advice likely saved a client’s life.

Care Net’s staff strongly encourage clients who have a positive pregnancy test to have an ultrasound as well. While a pregnancy test reveals changes in hormones that indicate pregnancy, an ultrasound is necessary to determine viability; that is, to confirm the pregnancy is located in the uterus with detectable heartbeat.

In rare cases, the fertilized egg does not make its way to the uterus and implants elsewhere, usually in the fallopian tube, which connects the ovary to the uterus. This is called an ectopic pregnancy and it is a medical emergency. Undetected, it could rupture the tube and cause dangerous internal bleeding. An ectopic pregnancy is never viable; the fertilized egg cannot survive outside the uterus and cannot be reimplanted there.

In the case of our client, the ultrasound at Care Net could not confirm a viable pregnancy. Our nurse did not see what she expected to see during the scan, so she alerted our medical director to review it immediately. He suspected an ectopic pregnancy and instructed the client to see her obstetrician right away. Unfortunately, the obstetrician’s scheduler advised our client to keep an appointment that was already scheduled, weeks later. Concerned about the delay, our nurse urged the client to get to the ER right away if she experienced warning signs: pelvic or abdominal pain, light bleeding, fainting and other symptoms.

Within a few days, well before her scheduled appointment, the woman began to have just those symptoms and went to the emergency room. She was immediately admitted for emergency surgery for ectopic pregnancy.

Our nurse’s concern and warning very possibly saved her life.

At Care Net, we care about women’s health and serve them well with ultrasounds that show the life inside and can also reveal ectopic pregnancies, catch early miscarriages, and confirm the age of the unborn baby. Additionally, we can test and treat for sexually transmitted infections and diseases that can affect her future fertility.

But beyond these early services, we often serve our clients for months, even for years, as they continue with mentoring and educational classes. Clients often bring their babies to the centers to bask in our oohs and ahhs. Some text photos to their mentors right after delivery.

Abortion activists often accuse pregnancy resources centers of being only pro-birth, not pro-life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being pro-life means pro-abundant life. At Care Net, we advocate not only for the life of the baby but also for the whole life of the woman, both as a mother and as a woman—her physical and sexual health, the stability of her relationships, her confidence and her value in the sight of God. When a woman walks through the doors of Care Net, she’s taking only the first steps of a journey we take together.

 Stock photo from

Hope in a Box

For Danielle, alone and pregnant with her second child, hope and encouragement came in a small white box tied with a bright pink ribbon.

When 30-year-old Danielle told her boyfriend she was pregnant, his easy solution was a trip to Planned Parenthood. He would even pay for the abortion, he said.

Danielle came to Care Net by herself instead, undecided about abortion and sick at the thought. But once she saw her baby and heard the heartbeat during the ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy, she knew she would make one of two choices: parent their baby or consider adoption.


It was a choice she would make alone. Her boyfriend, angry at her refusal to abort, disappeared from her life.

“I’m sad he won’t be part of our baby’s life,” said Danielle, who has a good relationship with her own parents and hoped her baby, a girl she named Vanessa, would grow up with her dad in her life.

Danielle’s parents also believed abortion to be the best answer for this second pregnancy. But they respected Danielle’s right to make her own decision and didn’t pressure her either way.

Danielle had come to Care Net in November 2021 after seeing one of our paid Google ads. After learning more about the breadth of our services and other community resources, she decided she would raise Vanessa herself.

“It seemed she just needed someone to assure her she can do it,” said her Care Net advocate. “She was encouraged by hearing about the resources available to parents.”

The small white box with the bright pink ribbon was one of the more unusual resources Care Net offered her. Inside was an invitation from a local church affiliated with Embrace Grace, a program designed to “inspire and equip the church to love and encourage single and pregnant young women and their families.”

Inside the box, Danielle found encouraging testimonies from other young women who had successfully traveled the path she was on, a tiny onesie printed with “best gift ever,” and an invitation.

The invitation read, “If you feel alone, sign up to join the Embrace Grace group at Anderson Hills,” a nearby church.

Danielle joined. She hasn’t been alone since. The group meets every Monday for dinner provided by the church, discussion, support and friendship.

“We talk about Jesus and how God knits a baby together in the womb, but they’re not pushy,” Danielle said. “I was embarrassed and afraid to be open at first because I had been through drug addiction recovery, but I felt no judgment. Having someone I can call and text and getting daily Bible verses by text—being loved and supported—means a lot to me. It brings us closer.”

The pastor’s wife went with her for the important 20-week ultrasound, and the church hosted a baby shower for her. “I was surprised by the generosity of the church,” Danielle said. “I have a job and an apartment but not much else.”

Through classes she is taking at Care Net, Danielle also earned a crib, car seat and diapers, and she has access to baby clothes and other supplies donated by Care Net’s generous supporters.


We agree with Embrace Grace that every young woman with an unplanned pregnancy should have a church that will take her in and offer spiritual, emotional and physical support and stability. If your church would like to explore becoming an Embrace Grace church, visit And if you do open your hearts to this unique ministry to young women, please let us know.

Miranda's Story

At age 24, Miranda found out in the restroom of Walmart that she was pregnant.

“I was shocked, could not believe it,” Miranda said. “I was terrified. I didn’t know what I was going to do. How was I going to support a child?”

A friend told her about Care Net.

Miranda was assigned to Darlene, a volunteer mentor in Care Net’s “Earn While You Learn” parenting education program.

“Darlene meant so much to me,” Miranda continued. “She was not judgmental; she prayed for me and gave me emotional support and advice at a time I did not have much support.

“The resources Care Net pointed me to were invaluable. Care Net’s ‘Earn While You Learn’ program was very much needed to not only increase my confidence in taking care of a newborn, but the incentives built in gave me much needed items like a car seat, crib, and diapers.”

Miranda now has an adorable three-year-old son.

When Miranda’s church decided to start a pregnancy help ministry, they saw her as a great resource and she saw the ministry as a great way to give back! Save the Storks, an organization that sells mobile ultrasound vans, also realized the power of her story and included Miranda and her son in a video explaining the ministry. She texted Darlene to share the exciting news of her new opportunity.

“Now I am part of the core team helping my church launch Hills Women’s Health and will help mentor women who are in the same position I was a few years ago,” Miranda said.

“I want to do for others what Darlene did for me,” she continued. “I just want to tell other women who are in the position I was, ‘You are not alone. Others have walked these steps ahead of you and can help. There are others who really care for you and want to show you resources and give you emotional, spiritual, and material help.”

"You are worth waiting for"

In late April, an 18-year-old woman came to Care Net worried she might be pregnant. She had been seeing the young man a few months but had no interest in staying with him and feared pregnancy would force her to stay.

The pregnancy test was negative, but she had also agreed to STI testing. That opened the way for Center Assistant Director Rhonda Brown (photo, left) to gently counsel her that even though she had already had sex, she didn’t have to continue. The young woman agreed it’s not worth the risks.

Thankfully the STI test also was negative, and during her follow up visit she shared her own good news: with a big smile and hug for Rhonda, she said she had broken up with her boyfriend and rededicated her life to abstinence.

Rhonda told her, “I am so very proud of you. Remember you are worth waiting for. Be true to yourself.”

It’s a message we want all our clients to embrace.

Volunteers, staff, grantor and even Google join forces for client couple

Eduardo and Daniela came to the McKinley Family Center in Florence in April 2021 for pregnancy confirmation. That visit began a blessed collaboration by staff, volunteers, a grantor and Google to give these young parents a strong start.

Daniela and EduardoBoth wanted to take Care Net’s classes and signed up for Earn While You Learn. Led by a Mentor Mom, the 20 EWYL lessons focus on prenatal and newborn care, nutrition, fetal development, safety and more.

But while Eduardo is bilingual, Daniela currently speaks only Spanish. As He does so often, God had gone ahead of Care Net to meet this need; a grant from Hopeful Lutheran Church in Florence had already provided funds specifically for Spanish versions of some classes. Volunteer mentor Kathy Mullen is able to converse in Spanish and became their Mentor Mom.

Eduardo took the Fatherhood program with volunteer Carson Latham and wanted hands-on lessons. Using dolls, Carson taught him how to hold a baby, change a diaper, secure a baby in a car seat and other confidence-building skills.

“I can’t say enough how much of a joy it is to see new dads reach out to Care Net to help prepare them for fatherhood,” Carson said.

Using a doll, Eduardo practices diapering.Daniela also signed up to take Care Net’s Breastfeeding class, but while the video is available in Spanish, the printed manual is not. Care Net staffer Brittany Baker first entered the entire text of the manual into Google Translate and emailed the result to volunteer Helen Curless, a retired lactation consultant. Helen forwarded the text to her niece, who has a Master’s degree in English-to-Spanish translation. She graciously made necessary corrections and emailed it back. Helen and fellow mentor Loretta Hall then led Daniela through the program via virtual meetings. Eduardo pronounced the translation “perfect.”

“I believe all of this was the work of the Lord,” said Florence Center Director Sandy Williams. “Everything fell into place in a matter of two weeks. I told [the couple] how much their feedback meant to us, because this was the first Spanish-language Breastfeeding class we had done.”

Meet Savannah

Eduardo and Daniela came to the McKinley Family Center in Florence in April 2021 for pregnancy confirmation. That visit began a blessed collaboration by staff, volunteers, a grantor and Google to give these young parents a strong start.

Daniela and EduardoBoth wanted to take Care Net’s classes and signed up for Earn While You Learn. Led by a Mentor Mom, the 20 EWYL lessons focus on prenatal and newborn care, nutrition, fetal development, safety and more.

But while Eduardo is bilingual, Daniela currently speaks only Spanish. As He does so often, God had gone ahead of Care Net to meet this need; a grant from Hopeful Lutheran Church in Florence had already provided funds specifically for Spanish versions of some classes. Volunteer mentor Kathy Mullen is able to converse in Spanish and became their Mentor Mom.

Eduardo took the Fatherhood program with volunteer Carson Latham and wanted hands-on lessons. Using dolls, Carson taught him how to hold a baby, change a diaper, secure a baby in a car seat and other confidence-building skills.

“I can’t say enough how much of a joy it is to see new dads reach out to Care Net to help prepare them for fatherhood,” Carson said.

Using a doll, Eduardo practices diapering.Daniela also signed up to take Care Net’s Breastfeeding class, but while the video is available in Spanish, the printed manual is not. Care Net staffer Brittany Baker first entered the entire text of the manual into Google Translate and emailed the result to volunteer Helen Curless, a retired lactation consultant. Helen forwarded the text to her niece, who has a Master’s degree in English-to-Spanish translation. She graciously made necessary corrections and emailed it back. Helen and fellow mentor Loretta Hall then led Daniela through the program via virtual meetings. Eduardo pronounced the translation “perfect.”

“I believe all of this was the work of the Lord,” said Florence Center Director Sandy Williams. “Everything fell into place in a matter of two weeks. I told [the couple] how much their feedback meant to us, because this was the first Spanish-language Breastfeeding class we had done.”


Seeking Rainbows

Who doesn’t delight in a rainbow? Clouds hang gray overhead but suddenly there it is—the bright, colorful arc across the sky.

At Care Net, we delight in rainbows of a different sort. After our medical director, Dr. Deward Voss, reads an ultrasound, we call the woman with the results. On average, 90% of women whose pregnancies are confirmed by ultrasound at Care Net choose life for their babies.

But some women remain undecided or determined to abort. For our staff, those are gray-sky days.

For those women, we actively seek the rainbow. First, we pray for every client, regardless of how she’s thinking. Then, we follow up. After we call with results from the ultrasound, we make several efforts to reach each woman who was still undecided or remained determined to have an abortion. If we’re unable to reach her, we will try again at the time the baby would be born.  If we learn she did decide to abort, we remind her we offer an abortion recovery program when she’s ready—even if she’s not ready until years later.

If she decided to carry her baby after all, our staff offers her our free pregnancy and parenting classes. We offer classes for the father as well.

And those decisions for life are the rainbows. In fact, “rainbow” is exactly what our staff calls these heart-lifting reports. Here are just two of those stories:

“Abortion” was the first thought for Melody, who came to our Florence Center late last year. She was worried she couldn’t afford a child, and the father already had a teenager and didn’t want to start over raising children. Even after the ultrasound they believed abortion was the solution to their unexpected pregnancy. But after our follow-up call, Melody said they had decided to choose life after all, and they excitedly began to prepare for their new addition. Our staff helped them connect with programs to help with medical and other costs, and she began parenting classes early this year.

Financial worries are common gray clouds for our clients. But some live under clouds that are harder to sweep away. While the pregnancy test for Mindy was negative, her visit opened the door for our staff to help her understand the choices she was making. Already a single parent, Mindy’s past relationships had been short lived, and her current relationship is unhealthy.

Gently, without judgment, our staff helped Mindy think through why she chooses men who are not mature enough to offer a stable relationship. Recognizing that her self-esteem had been shattered by transient relationships, our staff taught her instead about God’s plan and design for sex within the permanence of marriage. They introduced her to our Bible study program and our programs about healthy relationships and how to take control of her fertility.

Mindy said it felt good to talk openly with someone who listened without judging her, and she allowed our staff to pray with her. The prayer brought Mindy to tears—good tears—and our staff celebrated the first glimpse of a rainbow that with time, prayer and mentoring may become a full, brilliant arc.

Compassion, confidence-building encouragement and information about available assistance are often the light that breaks up the clouds of a woman’s initial fears and doubts. Our advocates, mentors and other staff treasure such rainbow outcomes as inspiration to continue Care Net’s life-saving outreach.

Please pray for our staff and the women they serve. Pray for daily rainbows.

*not her real name

Paying it Forward

After pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting classes are done and the little one is growing well, happy and healthy, our part is done, right? Our influence finished? Maybe not. The ripple effect can go on for quite some time after the pebble is thrown. Such is the story of Lauren.

Lauren was a non-traditional client. When she came to us, she wasn’t considering an abortion. Her third child was anticipated and would be well loved. She had heard about Care Net and our Earn While You Learn classes from Erica, a friend who was a first-time mother.  Lauren thought: “information on becoming a better parent and free diapers? What a deal!”

Lauren worked her way through most of our parenting and breastfeeding programs with her mentor, Loretta. She just kept asking for more classes and is still going through a new Bible Study we offer.

A well-educated young woman who earlier had gone through a rough patch with addiction, Lauren had completed the recovery transition program offered by Reset Ministry. She was so grateful to Reset for helping get her life on track that she stayed involved as a life coach and teacher, eventually becoming so indispensable Reset hired her as their women’s house director! Then Lauren made the connection: Reset helps with more than just addiction; they make a Personal Development Plan for each woman. Since Lauren had just completed so many edifying classes with Care Net, she decided the women at Reset could benefit from them also!

“I don’t just want my clients to be sober and become stable,” Lauren said. “I want them to thrive!”

Lauren said Reset’s clients are from all walks of life. Many of the women have been in toxic relationships and our Healthy Relationships and Take Control of your Fertility classes would be perfect. Some of the women have children and would greatly benefit from our parenting courses. The Life Skills courses might be a great fit for those without much experience in taking care of themselves.

Lauren said, “Reset is a next-step house and I feel the next step is to more fully prepare these women for real life with these classes.”

So now, our client will be passing on the programs and wisdom she received from Loretta to many other women—and the ripples go on.

Lauren said she now tells every pregnant woman she knows to go to Care Net. When asked what she thinks is the best part of Care Net’s programs, she answered, “I received invaluable information from Care Net’s classes, but the best part was my mentor, Loretta. She showed such genuine love that you just wanted to keep going to the classes. You know Loretta is truly praying for you.”

The Impact of an Ultrasound

One of the most amazing blessings Care Net offers is using ultrasound technology to show life to expectant mothers and fathers.

When getting ready to perform an ultrasound, Tammy, our medical manager and ultrasound technician, says a prayer asking God to show the life inside the womb.

A few weeks ago, Tammy had an encounter with an expectant mother who was undecided about her pregnancy and her options. Once the ultrasound was placed on her stomach, Tammy said, the baby immediately started waving his/her hand. It was at that moment that Tammy knew God had shown them exactly what they needed to see and that the baby was saying, “Hi Mom, I’m right here!”

The women and men who witness these ultrasounds are often face-to-face with the most difficult and unimaginable questions and concerns regarding their futures. After the ultrasound, we are blessed to sit with them and talk to them about their options, their fears, and the truth of what they just witnessed. It is in that room that we at Care Net see lives changed and hearts saved.

Ultrasounds are used to confirm the viability of a pregnancy and estimate the gestational age of the baby. We use this to both educate the expectant mother and give her the information she needs to make an informed decision. We are proud to say that during 2020, 132 Care Net babies were born after these life-changing ultrasounds.

Care Net’s Florence location even offers same day ultrasounds thanks to our medical staff and multiple ultrasound machines that allow women to witness life inside the womb. Our goal for 2021 is to build upon these services by offering same day ultrasound at our Florence and our Cold Spring locations. To do this, we are in need of continued training for staff members and funding for a new state-of-the-art ultrasound machine.

Meet Paula

At 18 years old, Paula suspected she was pregnant. Feeling extremely scared and unsure if she would be able to parent her unborn child, Paula found us at Care Net. During her first visit, the Care Net Advocate talked with Paula about her pregnancy options, her situation, her fears and her future. No matter what she was going through in that moment, Paula’s advocate let her know she would not have to go through an unexpected pregnancy alone.

“Right away the test turned positive. My advocate told me I was about 2 and a half months pregnant. I was stunned. Am I going to be a good mom? Am I going to be able to take care of this baby? So many situations change and I was so afraid of what was ahead.”

The Advocate with Paula reassured her that she was right, situations do change, but no matter what she was going through, she would always have Care Net.  During that first visit, Paula learned about Care Net’s Earn While You Learn program. This program is designed to offer support, education, and empowerment to parents facing unexpected or new pregnancies. Each week, mothers-to-be cover parenting topics, such as giving your baby a bath, infant vaccinations, soothing and swaddling techniques, and many more. For every lesson completed, the new parent earns diapers, wipes, baby clothing, and even a car seat and crib once the program is complete! After gaining the support to choose life for her unborn child, Paula signed up for Care Net’s Earn While You Learn program.

“Joining the program made me feel like I was not alone during my pregnancy. Each week, I felt stronger and more confident. I had someone there with me through the whole thing.”

“My mentor kept telling me, ‘You did the best thing a mother can do by just choosing life!’ Looking back, I would never take that back, no matter how young I was, I was so happy to have Care Net! I recommend Care Net to any young or new mom. Care Net is like family and I’m just truly grateful that I had a great support system. I am so happy that I chose life because looking back on those scared teenager moments, I don’t know where I would be without my son. He is just a miracle!”

During the holiday season, we are thankful for the gift of Life that we received from Jesus Christ and are thankful that we are fortunate enough to help others see the gift of life, each and every day that they choose life for their unborn child. Would you consider joining us at Care Net to keep fulfilling life affirming pregnancy counseling so all parents-to-be can get the confidence they need to choose the gift of life?

How Clients Impact Us

Each month Care Net is proud to feature clients who are succeeding in their parenting journey, working toward a better life for their children, and growing and healing from difficult trials. We are privileged to have an impact on their lives and are equally blessed by their impact on us.

Due to COVID-19, social interactions between clients and Care Net staff have been altered in order to serve our clients in the safest manner for everyone. Despite these adjustments, the positive relationships built and impact felt between clients and staff members continues undiminished.

Staff members Tara, Sandy and Tammy have been working diligently to provide exceptional care, rapid ultrasound appointments and pregnancy education to all who sought our help in these difficult months. One couple in particular made a profound impact on our staff as they witnessed new life during their ultrasound appointment at our Florence Medical Center.

Upon arrival, the mother of the child was undecided about her pregnancy. The father, however, expressed that he did not want to be a parent and that abortion would be the best route for them.

After meeting with the staff and discussing their circumstances, the couple was taken into the ultrasound room to confirm pregnancy. As the ultrasound image appeared and the baby’s heartbeat was seen beating, the truth about the life within the womb seemed to be felt by both the mother and father. Instantly, the couple bonded with their child.

Afterwards, Tammy, the ultrasound technician, who witnessed the parents’ reaction, stated emphatically, “Watching the beating heart of the baby changed the heart of the father.”  While the ultrasound made a profound impact on the parents, the moment likewise left Tammy feeling awestruck and grateful for the use of this technology to provide a “window to the womb” that confirms the beginning of human life and changes hearts.

One of the things that struck Care Net staff was the power the father has in helping the woman to choose life. His love, support, and willingness to tell her, “We can do this!” and “I’m here for you,” matters in the woman’s decision to choose life. In the early COVID-19 restrictions, fathers could not be present in the ultrasound room for the initial confirmation of pregnancy and so were not getting to experience the beginnings of this journey to parenthood along with the mother of the child.

Thankfully, though, since April one support person can again join the mother in the ultrasound room. “It feels good to again have the father present so they know that they are important in the life of their unborn child,” Tammy added.  Today, the mother of the baby has started parenting classes at Care Net and both parents-to-be are very excited to meet their child.

Meet Nataly

In September, Nataly learned of Care Net and sought us out to learn more about her pregnancy and how to be the best mom she could be. “I wanted to know as much as possible. I had to work really hard to learn as much as I could before my baby came.”

She began taking our “Earn While You Learn” prenatal and infant parenting classes and soaked in as many lessons as she could before her due date approached. “My interactions with my mentor were so helpful. She was so knowledgeable and always ready to help!”

Nataly successfully completed the program and began taking even more classes! She has proved to work exceptionally hard to learn and educate herself. Not only has Care Net been able to offer these classes and incentives to her, but Nataly has found an overwhelming confidence that all new mamas strive for. Nataly also invited the father of her baby to join in on Care Net’s Fatherhood program, where he was able to take lessons that set him up for success as well! We are so thankful to have Nataly and her family a part of our Care Net family!

One in four women has experienced an abortion in their lives. If you, or someone you know, has experienced an abortion and is seeking help, hope, or healing, please feel free to reach out to us at 859-282-9878. You will be met with a trained peer counselor who will walk you through Care Net’s Post Abortive Healing Program.

Meet Cassidy, Andrew and Baby Brantley

We are proud to introduce former Care Net clients, Andrew and Cassidy, as our client impact story of the month! In the spring of 2019, Cassidy came into the Florence center in need of a pregnancy test. Once the test revealed a “positive,” Cassidy eagerly anticipated the birth of her first child. At that time, she was working and finishing up her college education. She wanted to give her child a great life and enrolled in Care Net’s Earn While You Learn parenting education program. This program is designed to help expectant mothers prepare for their new lives with their little ones. Cassidy joined a group class where the mothers worked together on topics like infant hygiene, car seat safety, and how to get your baby to sleep!

Dad-to-be Andrew was also interested in gaining knowledge to become the best dad he could be. He signed up for Care Net’s Fatherhood program, taking weekly lessons to prepare him for his son and how to handle being a father.

Both Andrew and Cassidy worked hard and achieved all of their parenting education goals. They were able to receive plenty of diapers, a car seat, and even a crib to help prepare their home for their son! In December of 2019, their son, Brantley, was born!

Over the past few months, Baby Brantley has undergone some therapies with the support of his parents who have grown confident in their care for him! So grateful for Care Net, Cassidy and Andrew have since reached out to Care Net to donate diapers that their son has outgrown.

We are so thankful to have Andrew, Cassidy, and Baby Brantley be a part of the Care Net family.


One in four women have experienced an abortion in their lives. If you, or someone you know, has experienced an abortion and is seeking help, hope, or healing, please feel free to reach out to us at 859-282-9878. You will be met with a trained peer counselor who will walk you through Care Net’s Post Abortive Healing Program.

Meet Rhonda

A previous Care Net client, Rhonda spent time as a volunteer and worked as assistant director at our Williamstown Center. There she spent time serving Care Net clients with love, dignity and a passion for saving lives.

At only 16 years old, Rhonda became pregnant. Scared and without hope or support, Rhonda searched for an abortion to end her pregnancy. After spending years suffering from the trauma of her abortion experience, Rhonda joined Care Net’s Post Abortive Healing Program where she found healing in Christ and His grace and love.

“So many emotions go through my mind when I sit and think about the day I had an abortion. Finding out I was pregnant was numbing but choosing to end the life I carried left me feeling vacant. Meaningless. Worthless and insubstantial. 

I was 16 years old when I aborted my baby. Sixteen! The toughest choice a girl should make at 16 is what kind of prom dress she should she wear. Not do I keep this baby or end its life!? I had to make the terrifying walk into the abortion room all alone. Afterwards, I had to sit in a room, full of crying women and young girls, all alone. 

Alone is how I felt from that day forward. I never spoke about it to anyone. It was as if that day NEVER happened and it was never to be brought up. But yet it was there. But nobody knew. Nobody heard my cries. Nobody could feel my pain. Nobody cared that I was hurting inside. 

If the ability to love and be loved existed at one point in my heart, it no longer did after that day. Emptiness engulfed my being and I could care less if I lived. I had many years of forgiveness to work through. Many years of self destruction to overcome and many years of learning to let God love me through the pain and past the regret. 

It took me 16 years to get to that point and I’m so thankful Care Net came into my life when it did. Jesus made the way for me and opened that door so I could step out and share what all He has done in my life. There are so many women that need freed from this bondage.”

-Rhonda Brown-

We are so thankful that Rhonda had been a part of our Care Net family.  Her journey to get where she is today is awe-inspiring and filled with hope, grace, and the ultimate gift of God’s love and healing.  Rhonda, thank you for sharing your story and your heart with Care Net.  

One in four women have experienced an abortion in their lives. If you, or someone you know, has experienced an abortion and is seeking help, hope, or healing, please feel free to reach out to us at 859-282-9878. You will be met with a trained peer counselor who will walk you through Care Net’s Post Abortive Healing Program.

Meet Dakota

Dakota is the proud father to his toddler son.  Dakota had been meeting with his mentor in the Toddler Parenting Program which helps parents better understand age appropriate developments, discipline tactics and challenges of parenting a toddler.

Dakota, what is your favorite thing about being a Dad?

“My favorite thing about being a dad is seeing him grow up, knowing he’s there with me, and being able to help him become who he is and who he wants to be.”

What is your favorite thing to do with your son?

“My favorite thing to do is playing outside and getting to splash around in the pool with him.”

How did becoming a Dad change who you are?

“Being a dad didn’t change who I was, but it made me change my lifestyle, perspective, and made me make my son my main priority.” 

Do you the Care Net classes designed to help you learn more about your toddler?

“Actually, Yeah! I’ve learned and gotten to read about a lot of new and really interesting things.”

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a mother to two young kiddos and and recently completed our 123 Magic Parenting Education Program!  Elizabeth has used the tools she learned in 123 Magic to overcome toddler temper tantrums, sibling rivalry, and learning how to handle the everyday stress of being a mother in positive ways!

She started the classes meeting with her mentors in our center; however, due to COVID-19, we had to move her classes to virtual learning platforms.

“Elizabeth has been a model client and transitioned from in-person to virtual classes seamlessly!” – Elizabeth’s Mentor 

Elizabeth, How have you enjoyed the 123 Magic Parenting Program?

“I’ve enjoyed it. There was a lot that I didn’t know. I realized the things I was learning were actually what my mom did with me. Now, I can do it with my kids.”

How has the shift from in-person to online classes been?

“The pandemic made things a little crazy, but it has worked! Without meeting online, I would have not been able to finish the program. I’m glad to have this option.”

Is there anything we can do for you now that you have finished the program?

“I don’t need anything right now, but I’m glad to know Care Net is there.”

We are so thankful we are able to be “there” for Elizabeth, and countless other Care Net clients, during this difficult time by accessing virtual parenting education classes.

Meet Misty

Misty is a mother to 3 beautiful children, a wife to her husband of 18 years, and a previous Care Net client. Throughout the years, Misty has kept in touch with ladies that she met with at Care Net. Over the past month, Misty saw a need in the community and has gone above and beyond to help try to meet that need. Misty began a journey of sewing masks for herself and her family members who are high risk to infectious disease, and then realized just how great the need is for masks in our community.

Tell me a little about your first experience with Care Net, why you came into the center, and what services you received.  “I started going to Care Net when I was first pregnant with my daughter who is 11 years old now. I found a sense comfort and peace in Care Net during a really hard part of my life. Care Net became a safe place for me and I would always be excited about my classes each week.  I was looking for guidance in parenting classes and assistance in earning diapers and other items that my family couldn’t afford at the time.  What I didn’t realize was that I was going to find god in the process and some of the most influential women in my life.  Writing about Care Net brings tears to my eyes.  Care Net saved my life in so many ways and I have so much love and adoration for what they do and what they did for me and my family.”

How would you describe your experience at Care Net?  “The staff at Care Net are absolutely amazing.  I walked in there for the first time and they immediately treated me as if I was family.  It was truly amazing and exactly what I needed at that time in my life.  I was lost and felt alone and suddenly their love and support helped to pull me out of a state of darkness that I couldn’t pull myself out of alone.  I met so many people that I’ve grown to love, and can still look to for guidance and support.  The staff at Care Net truly care and are doing the work of God.”

“It is here that I feel like I should tell you the story of how I met my Kim.  She was one of the many women that I worked with closely at Care Net.  I was blessed to do parenting classes with her and some miscarriage classes. We spoke of our spiritual beliefs and how I had fallen away from my faith. I was interested in finding my way back to god and she was so kind enough to offer to help me find my way back to his path.  I took several weeks to toss the idea around in my head and dragged my feet. Constantly making up excuses as to why it wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t until I would leave my home that I would realize that God had a different plan for me.  Every time I would step foot out I would run into Kim. I would see her at the grocery store, at restaurants, every place that I managed to venture to; somehow she was there.  Someone I had never met before was now appearing in my life every time I stepped foot out of my house.  It was a sign from God channeled through Care Net that I was supposed to connect with her and follow where my faith was leading me.  Kim is now my RCIA sponsor and together hand in hand we went through all the steps together to follow my dream of becoming Catholic.  Without Care Net I know this never would have happened and for this I am in eternally grateful.”

“Care Net helped my family tremendously by providing us diapers, a car seat, clothing, and many other items needed to bring home a baby.  Without Care Net’s help I’m not sure how we would have been able to provide for our baby.  We were in a place where the economy was crashing and our family was close to losing our home.  Fortunately for us we did not lose our home, but without Care Net’s help with items for our baby we couldn’t have afforded the diapers, donations, car seat or crib.  Care Net helped us care for our baby when we couldn’t.  They gave us a safe place for our baby’s travels and a safe place for her to sleep at night.  They are such a blessing and their compassion and desire to share their love, parenting knowledge, and word of God in the process makes my heart so full.”

Do you believe that Care Net helped you to become better educated to make positive choices regarding your future?  “Care Net not only taught me how to be a fantastic parent, but a better wife, spiritual leader, and a great neighbor. The educational courses were informative and insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed most of all the fact that I had someone with me from Care Net taking the journey right by my side. They were there to guide me, answer my questions, and share their real life experiences.  It was a comfortable environment and I felt like I could talk openly share any question, concerns, and learn and grow with them.” 

Tell me a little about where you are in life right now and about your children. “Currently I have been married for eighteen years and we have 3 wonderful children!  Our oldest child is 17 and is enrolled in the Honors program at NKU on a $18,000 scholarship.  Our 11-year-old daughter is hilarious and loving every moment of life, she loves her dolls and singing. Our youngest child is 9 and he is my snuggle bug and mama’s boy and loves his allotted video game time. We bought a bigger house about three years ago.  This was huge for our family because everyone now has their own room!!  My faith is stronger than ever and I have built a strong foundation that was taught to me by Care Net to support my family. We are stronger and closer than ever and I thank Care Net and their staff for that each and every day.  Their education, willingness to share their life experiences, and to provide me open feedback helped to shape me into a stronger, more loving individual. I believe Care Net has touched the lives of many women/parents and will continue to touch the lives of so many more. Care Net will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Please tell me a little about your project making masks to help protect people during the COVID-19 pandemic.  “The sewing project started out with just sewing a mask for myself because I am considered to be a high risk individual.  I then sewed one for my husband who is considered an essential worker.  I was scared he would bring it home to me and my son who has chronic asthma.  Once I got started doing that it just kind of exploded.  I thought to myself that there are so many people out there that are essential workers that do not have enough PPE, or are considered high risks that need additional protection.  Once I started sewing those masks I realized that we are at a point in the pandemic where everyone should probably have a mask that has to go out of the house.  So I just started mass producing as many mask as my fingers would allow me.”

What fueled you to help in that way? “There are so many essential workers risking their lives every day in a fight against COVID-19. I felt the call of God to do something to protect people against the virus.  I have a talent for sewing and thought maybe I could use it to help save lives by making free masks and donating them to our community and different organizations like Care Net.  I have made countless number of masks for nurses and high risk individuals, and plan to continue to make hundreds more.  My goal is to sew as many masks as my materials will allow me to.”

Meet A J

“Hi, I’m AJ. I’m a single father of three boys. I’ve lived in Kentucky for the last 25 years, primarily in Campbell county. I am a local landscaper who enjoys working outside and learning new things.”

Last fall, AJ came into Care Net’s Cold Spring Medical Center wanting to gain some insight on his sons and their behaviors. As a single father and landscaper, AJ has quite a busy workload. On rainy days, when he was unable to work outside, he’d call up his mentors and ask to come into the center in order to complete an extra lesson for the week. Each week, AJ engaged with his mentors and worked diligently to better his parenting abilities.

AJ, What was your favorite aspect of attending the 123 Magic Parenting Program?
“The program address all the different problems parents face as well as gives easy to follow solutions. It has allowed me to evaluate what I do wrong and gives me some relief to know I’m not the only parent who makes these mistakes.”

What is one piece of advice you would offer to another Dad who may be in similar shoes?
“I would advise them to be patient, don’t overthink or over explain things. The 123 Magic Program has helped me stick to my plan of action.”

After AJ finished his parenting classes, he wanted to give back to Care Net and his mentors. He volunteered to help assist us with our landscaping needs at the Cold Spring office. In the photo to the left, AJ is helping with fall cleanup and pruning the outside rose bushes.

We are very thankful to work with AJ on both his parenting goals and Care Net’s landscaping needs. We can’t thank AJ enough!

Meet Brianna

Brianna first came to Care Net’s Williamstown center in January, 2020. She is the mother of one-year-old, Shy’lynn, and is enrolled in our Safety Parenting Program. Parents in this program are taught lessons on car seat safety, infant nutrition, childhood illness and much more.  Brianna is focused on working hard during her lessons and always discovers new tips and tricks to help her out.  She is a very hard working and super-dedicated mom!

Brianna, can you describe your experience at Care Net?  “My experience at Care Net has been quite eye opening and very helpful! The classes have helped me so much.  As a young mom, there is a lot I did not know and these classes opened my eyes on so much!”

What was your favorite aspect of attending the Safety Parenting Program classes? “One of my favorite things about attending is that the people here are very caring.  They listen and don’t judge.”

What is one piece of advice you would offer to another mom who may be in similar shoes?  “Some advice I would give is to take parenting classes.  They are only there to help.  Even I was a little iffy at first but it is truly amazing and helps a lot. I would definitely recommend Care Net!”

Meet Sierra

Last year, volunteers and staff members at Care Net’s Cold Spring Medical Center had the pleasure of meeting a young woman named Sierra. Sierra is a mother of two little girls, ages 4 years and 6 months. Sierra recently graduated college, works a fulltime job, and loves rock climbing. Sierra came into Care Net in need of a pregnancy test and walked away with an abundance of support, encouragement, and hope.

Upon receiving the results of a positive pregnancy test, Sierra enrolled in Care Net’s Earn While You Learn pregnancy and parenting program. Even though Sierra was working full-time and a full-time student, she attended the classes regularly making them a priority for herself and her children.

How has Care Net helped prepare you for your baby and being a parent? “The Earn While You Learn classes helped me feel more prepared when I had my baby, Neveah. It showed me what to expect and what life is really like.” After the birth of her first daughter, Sierra struggled with post-partum depression. These classes were a source of support and provided a safe place for her talk about her feelings. “I learned that it’s okay to talk about how I feel and let others know what’s going on.” Sierra also stated that attending the classes helped ease the stress of buying diapers, a car seat, and a crib. She was even able to pass on items she received to other moms that she knew who needed them. “Overall, I feel like the program is like a handbook for new moms and makes it easier to know what my baby needs and how to be a good mom!”

After you completed the Earn While You Learn Program, you went on to complete the 123 Magic Program for your toddler daughter. What did you enjoy about the 123 Magic Programs? “Oh my goodness, the 123 Magic Program saved my life!” Sierra was having a lot of behavioral problems with her four year old daughter, Kinnlynn. Sierra learned in the 123 Magic Program practical tools to help Kinnlynn through temper tantrums and transitioning issues in having a new sibling. Sierra worked with Kinnlynn’s father and step-mother so the three of them could do the best for their daughter. “The program has made co-parenting a lot easier by creating more patience with her and more patience with one another. I would say we have a great co-parenting relationship and Kinnlynn is doing absolutely amazing with it!”

Would You Recommend Care Net to a Friend? “I’ve recommended friends to Care Net before because the classes were an outlet for many issues and just having someone to talk to made me feel much better.”

What Has Been the Most Important Thing You Have Learned at Care Net? “I would say Care Net has been there to make parenting and communication a lot better. The place is so warm and welcoming that coming in was a ‘want’ … I wanted to go to the classes because I wanted to see my mentors, like Loretta, Tara, and Kim. They’re a part of my family now and I couldn’t see myself not talking to them.”

Like many other Care Net clients, Sierra is a strong mother who, despite difficult situations, continues to provide her daughters with the best life she can. We are so thankful to have Sierra and her daughters as members of our Care Net Family!

What did you like best about Care Net?

All I can say is that the program is great and very helpful. Convenience was the best thing because through most of the classes I didn’t have a babysitter but my son was always welcome and well taken care of by a lot of the women at Care Net. I loved the people there, especially Barb V, she was wonderful and so understanding.

Thank you Care Net for all the love and support.

Debbie was wonderful, she made class very fun and informational. I will recommend this to people in the future who need help with pregnancies, children and so forth, thanks for everything. The only thing that I would change, is to update some of the videos and information.

I like the group just the way it is. There is a lot of valuable and useful information. The worksheets and videos have a lot of important knowledge that everyone needs to know about caring for a baby.

I honestly think you guys are doing a wonderful job. I know more about being a good parent at this point then I ever did before. Thank you for allowing me to learn and you teaching me. It was great.

I think this program is great. I look at my mentor mom “Pam” is like my real mom. She is like my best friend. I feel like I can talk to her about anything. She is a great person and mother.

It was beneficial to me as a first time Dad. Learning what to do in certain situations & how to react. The lessons & video were very educational giving good advice & personal testimonials from parents who have gone through it before. I feel that the program is great for new parents. Continue to provide support & education. Having a wonderful staff makes things easier & allows you to be comfortable in a good learning environment.

This program was the best thing I ever decided to do. We don’t have much money, so the car seat, crib, and the closet items have helped us tremendously. I also learned so much more than I knew, or would have ever known. I loved the mentors and the group I had class with. Now that this was my last class I realized I’m going miss it all. I will definitely have to come back and see everyone once my baby is born.

Thank you guys so much!

I really enjoy coming each week and being involved in this program. I believe that a lot of dads are not involved in their children’s lives as much as they should be. However, speaking as a father, I think more fathers should come and attend similar programs. It is very helpful and gives you an (advantage) in the parenting aspect. It gives you amazing preparation for parenting and what these mentors do is absolutely amazing!

I remember the first day I walked into Care Net. I was scared and nervous. I had just found out I was pregnant and I didn’t know what to do. A friend had found out about Care Net on the internet for me. When I walked in, Maria took me into a room and I immediately started crying. I was 20; I had no job and lived place to place. How could I take care of a baby? Maria said everything would be ok and she was glad I came by. She explained my options and explained their programs. When I left, I actually smiled. I thought maybe this could work. I started the program within weeks. My mentor, Barb, gave me so much emotional support. The classes I took gave me the knowledge I needed to be a great parent and the rewards provided me with the baby items I otherwise couldn’t afford.

A month before I had my son, I had completed every class Care Net offered and honestly was sad it was over. But now I am a 21 year old single mother of a wonderful little boy. I have my own apartment and goals to look forward to. I changed my life with Care Net’s help. The donations people give change people’s future. They give us hope and let us know someone out there cares.

And I just want to say thank you because when nobody else cared, you did.


Dear Ladies at Care Net Pregnancy Services,

I wanted to thank you for the parenting classes that I have taken at your center. I learned so much. I also knew from meeting with you that you cared about me and I could trust you.

I learned a lot from the lessons, but the one that had the most impact on our lives was the one on child molestation. After going over the lesson, I realized that my daughter had some of the symptoms that were listed as signs of child molestation. You told me I needed to talk with my daughter and ask her some questions. She told me that someone had been touching her. You told me to talk with authorities and we did. The person who was doing the molestation is behind bars. My daughter is receiving the counseling she needs to cope with this. I might not have known what was happening to her if I had not had that class. Thank you for helping us to recognize the warning signs.

Our family is stronger because of the classes. Thank you for being there.


I would like to take the time to thank the Care Net staff for everything that you all have done for my family and me. It is a great program for new mothers, like me. Having help and someone to talk to means allot to me. I had a wonderful mentor mom who I will never forget. Ms. Kara took her time with me. She made me feel special at a time I needed it.
I would also like to thank the people that make donations. Clothes, diapers, formula, and blankets really helped when I didn’t have them. My mother was able to make it to one class and she loved the idea of a place that helps young women like me. I would like to say God Bless you all and keep up the wonderful work. You will always be in my family’s heart.

Lots of Thanks

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