Client Programs

Take Control of Your Fertility

Four-lesson program helps women capture God’s vision for appreciating the gift of fertility and its importance in achieving true reproductive health. Includes education on menstrual cycle, reproductive capabilities and charting your cycle. Clients receive 12 diapers for completing each lesson and a $20 gas card and daily devotional book upon completion of the program.

Earn While You Learn

This prenatal and newborn care program pairs Mentor Moms with pregnant clients. Each meeting centers on a lesson about pregnancy or parenting. Clients earn a dozen diapers for each lesson, a car seat after finishing 10 lessons and a crib when all 20 lessons are completed.

BrightBirth Labor & Delivery Program

A six-part childbirth class to help parents navigate the birth plan they choose. Lessons cover how the body is designed to give birth and provide a comprehensive understanding of the childbirth experience. Available to those in the third trimester of pregnancy. Clients receive 12 diapers for each completed lesson and a large yoga ball.


This program educates parents on the short- and long-term benefits of breastfeeding and supports new parents in their efforts to make breastfeeding a priority. Clients receive a dozen diapers for completing each lesson and a breastfeeding gift pack ($25 value) upon completion of all five lessons. The program is taught by a registered nurse and a retired lactation consultant.

Fatherhood Program

This program pairs male clients with Mentor Dads.  They meet together as a group or one-on-one for 20 lessons to develop the attitude, knowledge and skills needed to become great dads.  Clients “earns” diapers, car seats, cribs and other items as incentives to complete the program.

24/7 Dad Power Hour

This series for men offers three separate programs and is available for those who have completed the Fatherhood Program. Clients may enroll in one or all three of the series programs: Fatherhood Skills, The Christian Dad: Your Calling—Privilege, Responsibilities and Relationships and Relationships and the Christian Dad. Each program consists of six lessons and is designed to help dads understand their role from a biblical perspective. The series focuses on the characteristics and skills every father needs to be a great dad!  Clients receive a dozen diapers for completing each lesson and a $25 gas card for completing any one program.

Parenting Program

Being a parent is a tough job. This program approaches the subject with empathy and practical advice. It is ideal for creating and cultivating honesty, kindness, courage, confidence and a sense of motivation in your child. Special lessons on ADD/ADHD, child anger, autism and strong-willed children are available. Some lessons are spiritually-based. Clients receive a dozen diapers for completing each lesson and a $30 gas card for completing any 10 lessons of the program.

1-2-3 Magic Parenting Program

This program focuses on discipline that teaches limits with love. Dr. Phalen’s fun and logical approach to parenting creates an environment where discipline is easy and quick and leaves time for parents to enjoy time with their children. Clients receive 12 diapers for completing each lesson and the book 1-2-3 Magic and a time-out timer and chair cover for completing the program.

Toddler Program

This program is ideal for clients with children one to three years of age who want to explore their baby’s development into toddlerhood. This 15-lesson program is designed to enable parents of toddlers to better understand age appropriate developments, discipline tactics and challenges of parenting a toddler. Lessons cover topics such as Temper Tantrums, Bedtime Struggles and Competing for Attention. Clients receive a dozen diapers for completing each lesson and a new booster car seat for completing the program.

Surviving Your Adolescents

This program is designed for parents of adolescents 13 to 18 years of age.  The video-based program offers a step-by-step approach and concrete solutions that help parents end the hassles of parenting teens.  Parents learn the language of talking to their teens and how to establish parental expectations, stay in touch and take care of themselves.  The focus is on gaining good communication, connecting with your teen and guiding your teen to adulthood.  Clients who complete the five lessons receive a $20 gas card and the book 1-2-3 Magic Teen.

The Adoption Option

A program designed to help a client move through the steps of placing a baby for adoption.  Lessons include Making a Covenant Plan, Searching for a Family, Planning for Birth, How to Say Good-bye: The Blessings Ceremony, and What Happens After? Clients who complete all 10 lessons receive a $50 gas card.

One Heart, Two Homes

This program offers separate lessons for single fathers, mothers, and stepparents and grandparents coping with the challenges of co-parenting in two homes. Lessons can be offered as a complete program or added to other programs as needed. Clients earn a dozen diapers for completing each lesson and a $50 gas card for completing all 10 lessons.

Life Skills Program

This program teaches clients important skills that help them navigate everyday life. Lessons cover such topics budgeting, money management, checking accounts, shopping for a car and many others.  Clients receive a dozen diapers for completing each lesson and a $50 gas card for completing any 10 lessons.

Great Relationships

This series encompasses five separate programs based on the client’s age, sexual experience and faith experience.

Love Lessons challenges what a client thinks about sex, STDs and sexual health and covers setting boundaries, building integrity and protecting oneself from harm by waiting for the right relationship. 

A Woman and Her Relationships explores the connection between a woman’s relationship with God and her relationships with others.

The Steps To Sexual Health helps women heal who have suffered sexual abuse, misuse and trauma.

Finding Peace is a guide for happiness, freedom and wholeness and is meant for clients who care tired of failed relationships with men who will not commit.

Clients receive a dozen diapers for completing each lesson; other incentives vary by program. 

Positive Partnerships

This program has separate modules for men and women and is appropriate for any client.  It contains five lessons that help clients explore what it takes to foster and nurture a healthy relationship. Lessons cover setting healthy boundaries, cohabitation, marriage, single parenting and strengthening the marriage bond. Clients receive a dozen diapers for completing each lesson and a $25 gift certificate compliments of Texas Roadhouse for completing all five lessons.

Bible Study

This Bible study offers eight lessons designed to help women heal the wounds of the past and the shame they sometimes carry as a result.  Clients receive a dozen diapers for completing each lesson and a beautiful Bible and Creation Museum passes for their immediate family on completing the study.

Project Hope: Post-Abortion Healing

An eight-week program for men and/or women who are suffering the effects of a past abortion. The program focuses on hope and healing through God’s love. 

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