By Lyndi Zembrodt

2022 proved to be Care Net’s greatest year to reach abortion-minded women. Through marketing strategies and increased availability of appointments, we welcomed 10% more abortion-seeking women to our centers in 2022 than in 2021, our previous record year.

2022 proved to be Care Net’s greatest year of women choosing life for their unborn babies, as 269 women who experienced consultation and ultrasound chose life.

We thank each of you who supports Care Net with prayers and financial gifts. Because you are faithful, we are able to expand services and marketing to women facing unplanned pregnancy.

We are grateful for our volunteer mentors, who taught 2,718 educational sessions last year in support of those who chose life and want to become great parents.

As we anticipated post-Roe v Wade, we are pleased to report that the number of women who chose to make an adoption plan for their baby also increased.

Last year 693 clients came to Care Net for material assistance, pregnancy testing, ultrasound, mentoring and sexual health services, 118 more than in 2021. Care Net’s 2023 strategic plan includes increasing staff to meet the increasing client demand.

We will continue to be diligent in reaching women who face unplanned pregnancy. We will continue to offer hope, help, healing, and the love of Christ at their time of need. We also are committed to help churches and individuals in their efforts to demonstrate the love of Christ as they walk alongside women and men at this point of need.

If each of us takes action to support the sanctity of human life, no matter how insignificant we think our act of love and care may be, God will use it to bless a woman or man facing the crisis of life. Please continue to join with me in supporting Care Net with prayer and financial gifts to ensure life-saving and life-changing services are available to the women and men who come to us for help at a critical time for themselves and especially for their babies.