Care Net offers a variety of programs to help women understand what’s happening to their bodies during and after pregnancy. One program that’s gaining momentum among Care Net clients focuses on a broader subject that affects women throughout their reproductive years: fertility awareness.

Take Control of Your Fertility is a video series that helps women understand their menstrual cycle and ovulation. More than half the women in the United States have no understanding of these vital elements of reproductive health. Gaining that knowledge empowers them to make healthy choices and to value their fertility as a precious gift from God. Care Net mentors guide our clients through the program.

The program is offered to clients who come in for a pregnancy test and to clients who have completed other programs. Tara Rapp, Care Net’s director of client services, hopes to expand the program’s outreach to church groups, schools, youth groups and moms’ clubs. She explained the need:

“I believe this program is needed because so many women who come to us use the Morning After Pill as a form of birth control, not realizing it is not meant for prolonged use,” Tara said. “They have no idea what they are putting into their bodies or the risks associated with it.”

After she completed the program, one young woman evaluated Take Control of Your Fertility:

“I wanted to know and understand more about my body. [The program] is facts that are not given in school or at the doctor. I learned new and helpful information and feel more knowledgeable. I had an awesome mentor. [It is a] very interesting course. [I] liked it very much and found it very helpful.”

Amy Fathman is a family nurse practitioner and certified Fertility Education and Medical Management consultant specializing in restorative, fertility awareness-based women’s health care. As we prepared to launch the program, we called on Amy for her evaluation and expertise.

“I have witnessed amazing transformations in the physical and mental health of my patients,” Amy said. “The foundation of that change is knowledge. An understanding of basic human physiology allows women to appreciate and value fertility as a natural and healthy process. It is exciting to see Care Net launch this fertility awareness education program, as it stands to have a lasting impact on the health and well being of participants and their families.”

Take Control of Your Fertility is just one of many programs Care Net offers its clients. Classes range from breastfeeding to parenting toddlers to surviving the adolescent years. Fathers participate in parenting classes as well, and two classes, Fatherhood and 24/7 Dad Power Hour, teach men their inestimable value in their children’s lives. Others stress how to build and protect healthy relationships. Another addresses the need for healing after abortion.

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